From The Earth Studio

Red Pipestone inlaid with turquoise & pink coral beads.
Red Pipestone inlaid with turquoise & pink coral beads. This item has been SOLD.


I make pendants and earrings from a variety of stone including: Black and Red Pipestone, Lapis Lazuli, Chrysocolla and River Stone. Designs include inlay with various materials for accent and/or engraved with designs. If you have any questions, or would like to purchase an item, let me know. I am always open to designing ideas that suit your tastes. 

Thanks For Looking!

Currently Available:

For orders or questions, contact me directly via email, Facebook or leave a comment/question below. Prices Do Not include Shipping (based on your location). Pendants include black leather cord. Payment via PayPal, Money Order & Cash (in-person only). All Purchases are FCFS & No Holds Please. Specific pre-orders may require a deposit. All items are Authentic Native American Hand-crafted jewelry.




Currently Available Pendants. FCFS. No Holds Please.
Update: Only the Orange Spiny Oyster pair are AVAILABLE (upper left). FCFS. No Holds Please.
Various shell, coral and turquoise earrings. Currently only 1 of the upper right is available: $20.00.
 SOLD. Black Pipestone Frog Pendant with Pink shell and Turquoise Bead Inlay. $35.00
 SOLD. Mosaic Pendant with Black Pipestone, Lapis Lazuli, Abalone and Mystic Sage Turquoise inlay work on Cottonwood Root backing. 
 SOLD. Red Banded Pipestone earrings with Turquoise Bead and Copper wire accents. $30.00
 SOLD. Black Pipestone Pendant with Orange Spiny Oyster, Abalone and Lapis Lazuli inlay. $35.00
 SOLD Fossilized Clamshell with Orange Spiny Oyster bead inlay. $40.00
 SOLD. Red Banded Pipestone Pendant with Turquoise Bead Inlay. $35.00
 SOLD Red Pipestone Pendant with Engraving & Pink Coral Bead Inlay. $35.00
Red Pipestone Pendant & Earring Set with Pink Coral Beads (earrings) & Spiny Oyster Bead (pendant). $40.00
Red Pipestone Pendant & Earring Set with Pink Coral Beads (earrings) & Spiny Oyster Bead (pendant).
Red Banded Pipestone Penadant. $25.00
Red Banded Pipestone Pendant.

Greeting Cards: COMING SOON!

$3.00 Each or 5 for $12.00


Tsu'Ovi: Inscription House Pueblo
Tsu’Ovi: Inscription House Pueblo
Rocky's Closeup
Rocky’s Closeup
Desert Cactus Bloom
Desert Cactus Bloom
Pal'hik Mana
Pal’hik Mana
Indian Ponies
Indian Ponies
Hemis Katsina
Hemis Katsina
4 For Drinks
4 For Drinks
4 Hand Pictograph
4 Hand Pictograph
Wu'taka: Old Man with Katsina Doll
Wu’taka: Old Man with Katsina Doll
1200 A.D.
1200 A.D.
Hunters Dreams.
Hunters Dreams.
Antelope Family.
Antelope Family.
Orions' Dream.
Orions’ Dream.



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