What’s In A Name?

A quick intro to this Blog and what you can and cannot expect to find here.

First, the name “Angles & Momentum”. A few years back, I started rowing boats as a River Guide, more of a part-time gig than anything else and a good way to keep me working in the outdoors (and avoid having to get a “real” job). Like everybody else, I started at the bottom with no real skills on how to make a raft move from here to there. More experienced guides would say to me that “any monkey with two sticks could row a boat”.

Another piece of “advice” I received early on was that it was all about “Angles & Momentum”…..and that was it.


So like alot of things in life, I would have to figure this out on my own, through trial & error. Eventually, that statement began to make sense to me and rowing became easier as the river revealed its ways to me (always having to work for it). I learned to work with the current as best I could and figured out that by putting my boat in certain positions I could get it to where I wanted to be, more or less. Yet sometimes I stall out and the river pushes me around. So be it.

Well here I am, still figuring out the “Angles & Momentum”, trying to navigate life, careers and everything else that comes my way….

Why a Blog?

Initially this idea was born as a sort of mental exercise to motivate me to finish writing projects that I had laying around. Ultimately, that didn’t happen and I was satisfied to simply put down a few paragraphs here and there, or write a few lines in a journal. Along the way, I also amassed a few thousand photographs, drawings, and ideas that I stashed in hard drives, jump drives and in my mental “junk drawer”, only occasionally re-visiting those ideas, dragging the murky waters.

Journals & Sketches.
Journals & Sketches.

What this attempt will be is to provide a space for many ideas to find a “home” of sorts. Up front, of course there will be a bit of self-promotion, but I’ll do my best to keep it to minimum. There is also opportunity to for YOU to do a bit of self-promotion as well.

So, if you have something you would like to voice, promote or advertise then drop me a line and we’ll see if we can’t find a way to make it work. I am more than willing to help get your name, products/services out to a wider audience, but again, I’ll evaluate it on a case-by-case basis. Perhaps this will occur as a daily/weekly “spotlight” feature. Use your common sense in determining what is and isn’t appropriate and I’ll assist in any way I can and offer up my connections to people, places and resources.

What I do hope in the long run is that this space will also be useful to create discussion, discourse, and disobedience (civil, of course) for the many issues we face in our existence on this earth. This blog will focusing on aspects of Indigenous “culture”, Archaeology/CRM, Environmental Issues, Art, Music, Tourism, etc., etc., whatever I can find to write about, or that You would like to talk about. Why? Well, because I can, that’s the beauty of the internet, allowing each of us the space and a voice to speak.

If you have any questions, concerns or other information you would like to know more about or share, please drop me a line or two.

Thanks for letting me invade your space and having some of your time!


Listening & Watching.