Creative Endeavors

Red Pipestone inlaid with turquoise & pink coral beads.
Red Pipestone inlaid with turquoise & pink coral beads. This item has been SOLD.

In addition to my writing, I also pursue projects that inspire me to remain on the creative side of life. Photography, Graphic Design and Stone Jewelry are some of my side endeavors. If you have any questions, or would like to purchase an item, let me know. I am always open to designing ideas that suit your tastes.


I make pendants and earrings from a variety of stone including: Black and Red Pipestone, Lapis Lazuli, Chrysocolla and River Stone. Designs include inlay with various materials for accent and/or engraved with designs. Everything you see here is a direct reflection of my experiences through my work as an archaeologist and other outdoor pursuits.

Thanks For Looking!

Currently Available:

For orders or questions, contact me directly via email, Facebook or leave a comment/question below. Prices Do Not include Shipping (based on your location). Pendants include black leather cord. Payment via PayPal, Money Order & Cash (in-person only).




Various shell, coral and turquoise earrings. Currently 2 Available of each style shown. Top Row: $20.00 Bottom Row: $15.00
 SOLD. Black Pipestone Frog Pendant with Pink shell and Turquoise Bead Inlay. $35.00
 SOLD. Mosaic Pendant with Black Pipestone, Lapis Lazuli, Abalone and Mystic Sage Turquoise inlay work on Cottonwood Root backing. 
 SOLD. Red Banded Pipestone earrings with Turquoise Bead and Copper wire accents. $30.00
 SOLD. Black Pipestone Pendant with Orange Spiny Oyster, Abalone and Lapis Lazuli inlay. $35.00
 SOLD Fossilized Clamshell with Orange Spiny Oyster bead inlay. $40.00
 SOLD. Red Banded Pipestone Pendant with Turquoise Bead Inlay. $35.00
 SOLD Red Pipestone Pendant with Engraving & Pink Coral Bead Inlay. $35.00
Red Pipestone Pendant & Earring Set with Pink Coral Beads (earrings) & Spiny Oyster Bead (pendant). $40.00
Red Pipestone Pendant & Earring Set with Pink Coral Beads (earrings) & Spiny Oyster Bead (pendant).
Red Banded Pipestone Penadant. $25.00
Red Banded Pipestone Pendant.

Greeting Cards: COMING SOON!

$3.00 Each or 5 for $12.00


Tsu'Ovi: Inscription House Pueblo
Tsu’Ovi: Inscription House Pueblo
Rocky's Closeup
Rocky’s Closeup
Desert Cactus Bloom
Desert Cactus Bloom
Pal'hik Mana
Pal’hik Mana
Indian Ponies
Indian Ponies
Hemis Katsina
Hemis Katsina
4 For Drinks
4 For Drinks
4 Hand Pictograph
4 Hand Pictograph
Wu'taka: Old Man with Katsina Doll
Wu’taka: Old Man with Katsina Doll
1200 A.D.
1200 A.D.
Hunters Dreams.
Hunters Dreams.
Antelope Family.
Antelope Family.
Orions' Dream.
Orions’ Dream.



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