Being Me & Contact Info

In “real” life, I work as an Archaeologist/Cultural Resources Consultant and River/Hiking Guide throughout the American Southwest.

Whether it is in the office, classroom or backcountry, I seek to provide an increased understanding of the longevity and cultural connections that Hopi People have to the landscapes of the American Southwest. Combining my academic training and cultural background, I strive to achieve this understanding through Archaeological Fieldwork, Technical and Creative Writing, Public Presentations and Outdoor Education & Recreation.

I appreciate feedback on any content posted here on this Blog and can be reached via the “Comments” section below and email at:

All photographs, drawings, visual graphics, etc are taken, produced, edited and owned by me, unless otherwise noted.

Thanks for stopping by and Have a Great Day!

Blue Canyon Shadow.
Blue Canyon Shadow.

4 thoughts on “Being Me & Contact Info

  1. Shane Farnor

    I really like your new blog, Lyle! Thanks for sharing with me. I find it inspiring. You know, I still consider my San Juan River trip one of the most special and enlightening experiences of my life. And I credit you with a large part of that. I hope all is well in your world. I am now living and working in the Mojave Desert of California. If I find myself over near Hopi Land, I will give you a shout. I’d love to reconnect in person and say hi.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Shane. Good to hear from you and Thank You for the kind words regarding our time on the river. Its always great to hear how those experiences can impact a persons life. Mohave Desert huh? Ive been through parts of there a time or two.. another dramatic landscape! Keep in touch and again, Thanks for stopping by. Look forward to when our paths cross again!


  2. Sisyphus47

    I discovered your blog just after I returned from a trip to Northern Arizona, and an unforgettable visit to Walpi on the First Mesa. Needless to say your posts are a wonderful source of knowledge and experience for a westerner enthralled with your culture. Friendly greetings from London(UK).


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