Return Migrations

Origins of “Salado”. Graphic courtesy of Archaeology Southwest Magazine.

In a few weeks, Ill be leading my first Archaeology tour of 2018. We will be examining the “Salado” Cultural Phenomenon in Southern Arizona & New Mexico.

In short, the Salado Culture developed when Ancestral Puebloan migrants (i.e. Ancestral Hopi/Zuni) from NE Arizona & SE Utah migrated to points south during the end of the 1200s. Over a 200 year time span this intermix of Northern clans with Southern clans produced a unique culture that included the development of an enigmatic ceramic type known as Salado Polychromes.

When the clans of the Salado finally migrated back North, they moved to the Hopi Mesas and Zuni region. We can trace this movement through ceramic analogy, as well as through Hopi oral history, which talks of many Ancestral Hopi clans bringing cultural components from the Salado that are evident in modern Hopi Culture.

Kayenta Bird Wing Design on Salado Polychrome bowl.

A diagnostic design of these ceramics is known as the “Kayenta Bird Wing”. First originating with the Northern clans, they carried this design south with them, where it was integrated into Salado Polychromes.

Modern Expressions.

This design, and other Salado influences, will be expressed in my jewelry leading up to this tour. I will also share bits of archaeological & cultural information about this phenomenon. So Stay Tuned!

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